Colorado Moments



Thank you for your service, and for having heart to overcome and conquer.  Many faces of you are captured in these images.  Some are raw, precious moments.  Others are fun and candid.  Yet all are flawfless reflections of you.

Thank you for allowing me to witness all of it…all of you.




“I heard their sighs and subtle ‘Amens’.”

Without Regrets : Austin 10/20


 :: Thoughts ::

It was an honor supporting Without Regrets in Austin.  This organization “provides gravely ill parents and their minor children with memorable family experiences. This special time together creates memories that will last forever.”  Members of their organization, alongside volunteers, participated in the 10 mile journey.  Sprinkled along the route were 20 bands set up on stages to give them a boost.  Everyone ran and walked at their own pace.  Words of encouragement were overheard between participants, and cheers rang through the humid air that morning from supporters on the sidelines.



This delicate yet powerful image is one of my favorites from the marathon.  A young boy stood on the side of the road–his hand held out for anyone willing to accept his high-five.  Many runners were tired at this point, or just focused on the road.  The few who did reach out to accept his kind gesture did so with an open hand.  But there was something about runner 1463.  He was running in the middle of the road…his fatigue could be felt by anyone who simply glanced at him.  But when he saw this young boy with his out-stretched hand, he slowly curved his way over to him, and reached out for a fist-pump.  As I realized what he was doing, I quickly positioned myself to catch it.  I thought I missed it…but when I checked my screen as soon as he had passed, this is what I saw…


Without Regrets :

Austin 10/20 :

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What We Carry : Slideluck XVIII


 :: Thoughts ::

The theme for Slideluck NYC XVIII was “Secrets.”  Artists could submit work that encompassed this idea–ranging from deception, confessions, revelations, wishes, etc.

I thought about how I wanted to approach this, and quickly decided on the things we carry that no one knows by looking at us.  The “secrets” we keep could be a precious memory from our childhood.  It could be a family tragedy that we don’t speak of.  Maybe it’s a dream we have and we keep it tucked away inside our little treasure chest of desires.  Or perhaps it’s a passion for music which makes up a large part of our identity.  These are the things about us that others don’t know as we walk by them daily.  Strangers on the street don’t know what we carry, nor do we know what they’re carrying.

So this is what I wanted to submit for Slideluck…the stories of individuals in black and white.  No faces, no names.  Just the contents of their treasure chest and what they carry with them.  Because after all, these “secrets” are what we’re made of.

To the individuals in the video–thank you for sharing these parts of you for this project.  Thank you for letting me truly see you.

Anthony Carbajal’s video:

The week I worked on this is the same week I saw the video Anthony Carbajal posted, about the very real struggle with ALS.  Although I do not know him, I wanted to submit my project in his honor.  Interesting timing, I think.  Here was Anthony…sharing a secret he had been carrying with the rest of the world–a story of caring for his mom with ALS, and sharing his own diagnosis.  His video is the epitome of What We Carry.

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Skin + Soul


:: Thoughts ::

Unlike images that come to mind with boudoir, I wanted to take things in a different direction.  I didn’t want sexy lingerie or posing seductively on a bed.  I wanted my model to feel empowered in her own skin without forcing any particular image.  Some of the resulting pictures from this shoot with Marina don’t make complete sense, and that’s the point.  I didn’t pose her in a perfect way to accentuate certain body parts-–I told her to move how she was comfortable.  And I have to say, the results are breathtaking…

This is skin + soul.

So it was time to let loose and have some fun.  I had been wanting to experiment with some body art, and Marina agreed to be my model.  I went over to this beauty’s home and we set up for the first half of the shoot.  We poured some wine, turned on music, and got to work.  I did her make up and curled her hair.  Once all the details were figured out, we started shooting.

Make up : Check
Hair : Check
Wine + music : Check, Check
Beautiful model : Check

First, she wore all white.  Elegant, pure, feminine.

I wanted to showcase her female curves and beauty that came so naturally.

Next, I dressed her in black and wrapped her in lace.  Delicate, sultry, powerful.

This is when we introduced the paint.  I wanted her to explore this new element and let me witness it.  I caught her playing with her hair and watching her reflection in a mirror across the room.

Then I draped her in a neutral sheet out in the woods.  Natural, raw, daring.

People were passing by on the trails, but we kept shooting.  There was something invigorating about being out there…where nature and seduction were merged.

She was stunning, alluring, and commanding.

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Love Set Ablaze


David + Crissy,

Crissy, I remember when they opened the doors into the sanctuary.  “Marry Me” was being sung quietly.  You were poised, elegant…ready.  I watched you walk down the aisle, a vision in white.  Blonde curls, blue eyes, and grey nails.  You were in your own league that day.  I saw you looking at David, your groom, as he stared right back at you.  So there I stood, watching you in all your radiant beauty.  It was the perfect moment.

David, I saw you in a new way, as you waited eagerly at the altar.  You had this anxious smile, just consumed by anticipation of seeing your bride.  I looked over at you as she entered the church.  What I saw was a man…fully and contentedly surrendering himself to this woman making her way to you.  In that moment I knew.  This is what every wedding should be…this is that one, fleeting moment that you’ll never get back.   It’s those last few steps, before you say your vows.  Man and woman seeing each other for the last time, separately.  When you walk out together, it’s as husband and wife.

I’ve known you since before you had your first date.  Watching you discover each other was something special.  What began as a relaxed friendship, grew into love.  Thank you for letting me be the one to record such a neat moment between you two, as husband and wife.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the years went by.  But here we are now—David worked so hard, and graduated and is now a firefighter.  And Crissy, you said your vows, and promised your unconditional love and support.  You guys are on your way, and ready to take on the world and all it throws your way.  So to kick things off with a bang, we celebrated in a fun (and messy!) way.  Thank you for trusting me…to reflect you independently, and as newlyweds.  Also, for climbing a tree and taking a dip in the river in your wedding dress.  And for putting on your heavy bunker gear and splashing and laughing your way through a water fight.  You allowed me to see you differently that day.  Crissy, you were looking at the face of your husband, your best friend, who just accomplished his goal of becoming a firefighter.  David, I saw you gazing at the woman who holds your heart–the woman who supports you, believes in you, and loves you.  The invisible line connecting you two can be felt in these images.



“When you walk out together, it’s as husband and wife.”