Skin + Soul


:: Thoughts ::

Unlike images that come to mind with boudoir, I wanted to take things in a different direction.  I didn’t want sexy lingerie or posing seductively on a bed.  I wanted my model to feel empowered in her own skin without forcing any particular image.  Some of the resulting pictures from this shoot with Marina don’t make complete sense, and that’s the point.  I didn’t pose her in a perfect way to accentuate certain body parts-–I told her to move how she was comfortable.  And I have to say, the results are breathtaking…

This is skin + soul.

So it was time to let loose and have some fun.  I had been wanting to experiment with some body art, and Marina agreed to be my model.  I went over to this beauty’s home and we set up for the first half of the shoot.  We poured some wine, turned on music, and got to work.  I did her make up and curled her hair.  Once all the details were figured out, we started shooting.

Make up : Check
Hair : Check
Wine + music : Check, Check
Beautiful model : Check

First, she wore all white.  Elegant, pure, feminine.

I wanted to showcase her female curves and beauty that came so naturally.

Next, I dressed her in black and wrapped her in lace.  Delicate, sultry, powerful.

This is when we introduced the paint.  I wanted her to explore this new element and let me witness it.  I caught her playing with her hair and watching her reflection in a mirror across the room.

Then I draped her in a neutral sheet out in the woods.  Natural, raw, daring.

People were passing by on the trails, but we kept shooting.  There was something invigorating about being out there…where nature and seduction were merged.

She was stunning, alluring, and commanding.

Until next time,


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