What We Carry : Slideluck XVIII


 :: Thoughts ::

The theme for Slideluck NYC XVIII was “Secrets.”  Artists could submit work that encompassed this idea–ranging from deception, confessions, revelations, wishes, etc.

I thought about how I wanted to approach this, and quickly decided on the things we carry that no one knows by looking at us.  The “secrets” we keep could be a precious memory from our childhood.  It could be a family tragedy that we don’t speak of.  Maybe it’s a dream we have and we keep it tucked away inside our little treasure chest of desires.  Or perhaps it’s a passion for music which makes up a large part of our identity.  These are the things about us that others don’t know as we walk by them daily.  Strangers on the street don’t know what we carry, nor do we know what they’re carrying.

So this is what I wanted to submit for Slideluck…the stories of individuals in black and white.  No faces, no names.  Just the contents of their treasure chest and what they carry with them.  Because after all, these “secrets” are what we’re made of.

To the individuals in the video–thank you for sharing these parts of you for this project.  Thank you for letting me truly see you.

Anthony Carbajal’s video:

The week I worked on this is the same week I saw the video Anthony Carbajal posted, about the very real struggle with ALS.  Although I do not know him, I wanted to submit my project in his honor.  Interesting timing, I think.  Here was Anthony…sharing a secret he had been carrying with the rest of the world–a story of caring for his mom with ALS, and sharing his own diagnosis.  His video is the epitome of What We Carry.

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