Sonogram In A Stocking


David + Crissy,

Congratulations!  I was so excited for you when you told me you were expecting!  I remember saying “you better call me when you get pregnant so I can do your session.”  It’s here!  You looked beautiful, Crissy.  You were rocking those red nails and boots.  Both of you were so excited when we met for this shoot.  It was an adventure, that’s for sure.  I loved hearing the story of how David proposed at that gazebo during the holidays.  It must have felt a bit surreal to be standing there, now married with a baby on the way.  But I’m glad I got to be there and observe the moment.

We’ve joked that a “Plan B” always happens during our sessions.  But it’s true that they always turn out best!  Just like on this day…when we randomly pulled over underneath a bridge and went exploring through a grass field and mounds of rock.  Between the dogs running crazy all over the place, and my feet getting stuck in the mud, there was plenty of laughter.  And those bandanas you had them wear…Spanner and Bailey were stupid cute.  ;)

Your little family of 4 is growing and I can’t wait to watch it happen…





“…exploring through a grass field and mounds of rock.”

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