Heartstrings + Music Sheets



Your eyes light up when you talk about music.  But not just any music–your vision and dreams for the future.  I’ve seen you get so excited and completely lost in your words, that you run out of breath.  And that’s rare.  I’ve heard you sing and play guitar for a few years now, so I was thrilled to shoot these images for your album.  Helping you pull this off was a privilege, and it was seriously a blast.  We worked against the clock…the Texas heat definitely came with a vengence that day.  But thanks to our drinks and that fresh pineapple, we were able to keep things rolling.  And how could I forget our last-minute shots by the field, with a few minutes left of Golden Hour.  Those made for some of the best shots.  (Funny how that happens!)  But, if I had to choose a favorite moment from your session at the river, it was when you pulled the folded letter from your guitar case and let me read it.  The fact that you carry this sweet letter from your younger sister said more to me about the heart and soul of your music, than anything else.  After all, that’s what’s behind all of us–what we value at the core will naturally find its way out if we let it.  And that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You’ve been working so hard on this project, and your dedication is paying off.  I’m proud of you, Rick.  Everyone in your life is cheering for you, and we all want to see you succeed.  But above all, I want you to be happy!  Keep chasing!





“This is what my heart sounds like.”




Thank you for your service, and for having heart to overcome and conquer. Many faces of you are captured in these images, Henline. Some are raw, precious moments. Others are fun and candid. Yet all are flawfless reflections of you.

Thank you for allowing me to witness all of it–all of you.




History and Heroes website: http://www.historyandheroes.org/aboutUs.html
Operation Red Wings: http://www.navy.mil/moh/mpmurphy/soa.html

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