Oh, This Is Love


Tony + Brittany,

It was an overcast afternoon with rain on the way.  The Texas warmth was clinging to your skin.  Passersby kept turning their heads and smiling with admiration.  The hazy glow of bridge lights was tracing your faces.  Tony leaned in for a kiss.  Brittany, you just looked right into him.  You sat down, wine glasses in hand.  He poured yours first, and then you raised your glasses for a toast.  A toast to each other, to your upcoming vows, to your lives merging, to your promises…

I saw unique individuals within you.  You have your own way of laughing.  You have your own stride.  But I also saw that you both recognize yourselves in the other.  The contours of your being are complementary.





“The contours of your being are complementary.”

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