You’re My One


Dylan + Kalina,

I got to stand back and observe love.  There was nothing forced about you two.

Kalina, all it took was one look…you’d get one look at him, and your eager smile didn’t hesitate to make an appearance.  He led you through the tall grass, clearing anything in your way.  He played with your hair, and twirled you along the dirt path.  I saw adoration anytime he looked at you….your petite frame in that pretty, pink dress.

“Come here, sweetheart.”  I remember you saying that, Dylan, as you extended your hand to take hers.  Kalina wore your hat, and wrapped her arms around your neck.  She leaned on you, and you both knew you were content.  She was in awe of you.  And the way she tilted her head back just to get a glimpse of your blue eyes…that was the best part.

I watched as you fell deeper.




“I watched as you fell deeper.”

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