Valor Games : 2015


:: San Antonio, TX ::

Oh, This Is Love


Tony + Brittany,

It was an overcast afternoon with rain on the way.  The Texas warmth was clinging to your skin.  Passersby kept turning their heads and smiling with admiration.  The hazy glow of bridge lights was tracing your faces.  Tony leaned in for a kiss.  Brittany, you just looked right into him.  You sat down, wine glasses in hand.  He poured yours first, and then you raised your glasses for a toast.  A toast to each other, to your upcoming vows, to your lives merging, to your promises…

I saw unique individuals within you.  You have your own way of laughing.  You have your own stride.  But I also saw that you both recognize yourselves in the other.  The contours of your being are complementary.





“The contours of your being are complementary.”

Once A Girl, Now A Woman



Witnessing your walls coming down, letting loose, and just being in your element reminded me of why I do what I do.  It’s pretty obvious in your photos, that you had a great time at your Quinceanera.  But I’d like to tell you what else I saw that day.

I saw you you walk into the church a girl, and come out a woman.

I saw your dad tenderly cup your face in his hands as your father-daughter dance drew to a close, and lean down to place a kiss on your forehead.  This was such a powerful yet delicate pause in the evening…and it was gone within seconds.  This was, by far, my favorite moment from the night.

I saw you surrounded by your friends, and all of their personalities were unique which just made it that much better.  At one moment, I turned around and lifted my camera, and all you girls struck a fun pose.  It was this picture that moved me in a new way while I edited it.  I had goosebumps creep up my arms as I just sat back and looked at it.  I mean really looked at it.  You all are absolutely beautiful, but more importantly, you have a bond.  Each of them, pretty in pink, rallied around the One In White on her special day (that’s you).  In our world right now, girls don’t know the true meaning of friendship anymore.  It’s not about self-gain.  It’s not calling someone because it’s simply convenient.  It isn’t showing up only when you want to.  No...a solidified connection like this is lasting.  It is sharing a smile across the room, giggling because you know what the other is thinking.  It’s dancing like a fool beside your best friends, knowing your heart is safe with them.  It’s being vulnerable and stretching beyond oneself to put yourself in her shoes. That…that is friendship.  And that’s exactly what I saw.

I saw you.




“I saw you walk into the church a girl, and come out a woman.”

A Fireman’s Prayer


David + Crissy,

Baby Schack is here!  Your sweet Heidi is a cute little thing.  I think it paid off…not fighting her little mannerisms or squishing her into a ball.  Going with what was natural shows her personality and just makes these images that much more adorable.  And sitting in David’s fire helmet?  It’s too much for me to handle staring at for hours while editing.  (Can I keep her?)

Remember that poster you had in your house?  Well I snapped a picture of it, because I just knew I wanted to incorporate it and do something special with it.  Even though I’m not the author of “A Fireman’s Prayer,” I thought it would be a perfect fit with the final image from your session.

May God always keep you safe, wherever the fires rage…



“May God always keep you safe, wherever the fires rage.”

Love On Pregnancy’s Path


David + Crissy,

There is never a dull moment with you.  The way you have fun, on and off camera, is what makes it so easy to get candid shots (which are always the best!).  It’s the kiss on the forehead, the smirks given, or the way David grabs your stomach playfully, Crissy.  Every time I’ve worked with you, one thing stands out…it’s overwhelmingly down-to-earth and genuine.

It’s been a privilege to follow you on your journey, from marriage to now expecting your first baby.  Heidi needs to hurry up and get here!  ;)




“One thing stands out…it’s overwhelmingly down-to-earth and genuine.”

A Full Triangle


Cody + Anna,

It seems like it was yesterday that I was shooting your maternity photos!  But oh my goodness.  Those blue eyes.  Seeing you interact with each other, and with Taylor, showed me something…this was a safe place.  A place of joy.  A triangle full of compassion, love, and fun.  Taylor is one lucky girl to have you as parents.  I know she’ll add to your smiles and laughter.

The three of you, together, will create a more complete home. <3




“The three of you, together, will create a more complete home.”

Behind Picture Frames


Billy + Brittany,

Oh how I could just keep staring at that sweet, little face.  Addison was such a sweetheart and she looked like a princess…she’s got Dad’s nose and Mom’s lips.  Even though she started getting tired, she was a trooper and played hard until the end.  I’ve got to be honest and just say…your family of 3 looks like it belongs behind a picture frame.  I love the laid-back feel to your images…grass fields, trees, and Texas love.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m so glad I got to spend time with you out there along those paths.  I can’t wait to see Addison grow…




“Grass fields, trees, and Texas love.”