No Standard Sugar Cookie



“Just have fun, act crazy, anything you want.”  That’s all it took and you became a sort of praying mantis. ;)  I can’t believe how hard that made us laugh.  It didn’t take you even two minutes to warm up and get comfortable.  And I loved seeing that.  Getting a glimpse of all these sides you have and your many faces made me realize just how unique you are, and that’s such a beautiful thing.  There are a lot of cookies out there–all cut from the same little shape.  But not you.  You’re no standard sugar cookie.  You’ve got a kind spirit and gentle voice, but underneath it all you carry this cute sass and complete randomness.  Being multidimensional is something to be proud of, and I hope you continue to nurture it.  I’d say you’re off to a dang good start.

With graduation quickly approaching, I encourage you to take a moment to slow down.  Pause.  Take in all the glory of your senior year (and all your high school years!)  The bad times and the good.  The tears and the laughter.  Your fears and your newfound confidence.  Your struggles and your triumphs.  Your doubts and your dreams.

Family and friends are standing behind you.  You’re ready to take on the world.  Go get it.




“You’re no standard sugar cookie.”

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