Engaged : Steve + Tiffany


Steve + Tiffany,

Thank you for trusting me to catalog your engagement.  The day spent with you two was an absolute blast…from grabbing coffee before we got started, to accidentally crashing a wedding.  It’s the unexpected moments and free-flowing interaction that ends up leaving the biggest mark.

I enjoyed just watching you both.  You had a way of dancing between your naturally fun and outgoing personalities, to displaying the tenderness and class that a soldier and his woman so effortlessly exude.  One thing that stood out to me was the genuine air that surrounded you.  No constructed image.  No facade.  Nothing forced.  Your love for each other is seen perfectly in your smiles and embraces, and it was heard in your content laughter.  You stood beside each other during the unfolding of your love story, despite multiple deployments and distance–something many would view as a reason to give up.  But you made it through the storm, and now you have the rest of your lives to stand beside one another as husband and wife.

Congratulations, to the future Mr. + Mrs. Currie!



“Sometimes the quietest love is the strongest.”

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