Married : JD + Kameron


JD + Kamy,

Thank you for allowing me to shoot your special day!

If I had to choose a favorite moment, I wouldn’t be able to.  I had two.  First, it was while doing your portraits following the ceremony.  Standing in front of the fountains at Sundance Square, you two kissed.  We thought we had finished getting our shots, but then you went and did that. ;)  Kamy, the water shot up behind you, as JD kissed you and you held back your bouquet.  That was the shot–the one that was free, unplanned, and simply stunning.

The second moment was the hand-off of your bouquet to the couple in the room with the longest marriage.  The look on her face as you placed your bouquet in her hands was truly priceless.  I want you to know your decision to do that, to honor their marriage in such a moving and powerful way, stuck with me.

I hope you two find absolute bliss as you embark on your life as Mr. + Mrs.!




“Sometimes, life gives us a fairytale…”

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