The Story Behind the Name

I always had a love for art—in all its forms.  But photography was hardly a word in my vocabulary.  As I got older, it seemed the harder I worked, the further I felt myself drifting from my purpose.  One day I felt this overwhelming desire to pursue photography.  I couldn’t shake it.  So I bought a camera and jumped into this arena that was daunting and foreign.  But I fell in love with it immediately.  I believe I was re-routed to where I’m meant to be.  Growing up in the military, I already had an appreciation for our veterans.  So it’s no surprise they are the cornerstone of my business…it’s where my passion is.  It’s all about people and their unique identities.
Beginning quoteI’m not after a “perfect” shot.  I want to leave everyone I photograph with images that will remind them of how they felt at a certain time in their life–remind them of what truly matters.
End quote
It’s not just the art of taking pictures that makes me love what I do—it’s the interactions with all the wonderful people I’ve crossed paths with in the process.  It’s their unique stories and diverse perspectives.  It’s their willingness to let me into their lives, even if for just a moment, and let down their walls.  Little did I know I’d be letting down some of my own.  To sit before another soul and become vulnerable is both humbling and empowering.  Exchanging little pieces of ourselves with each other is what makes this so powerful.  And that’s what I aim for—empowering others and helping unveil the parts of them that the world doesn’t get to see.  It’s not about glamorizing a story or an image.  It’s all about the raw, unfiltered truth.  It’s about being uncomfortable.

There are many unknowns out there.  But the one thing I’ve learned is that when we take that first step in faith, God meets us where we are.  He opens doors and places people in our lives, and it’s up to us to live intentionally.  There is a greater purpose in all things that we often cannot see.

Now that you know the most important part, here’s a goody box of random tidbits.  I’m obsessed with candles, orchids, and chapstick.  I admittedly have an unhealthy addiction to White Mochas.  I don’t believe in coincidence.  Dark, stormy days make me feel inspired and get the creative juices flowing.  If I had an emergency kit, it would contain beef jerky, Twizzler bites, and red wine.

But enough about me–let’s hear about you!  Just head over to the “Contact” page to get in touch, and let me know how I can help you!

Live with abandon,