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PX3 Patriots – vs – Danny Dietz Frogmen


:: Colorado Springs, CO ::

The PX3 Patriots All Veteran Celebrity Softball Team took the field with the Danny Dietz Frogmen Celebrity Team On August 20, 2016, at Sky Sox Stadium in Colorado Springs.  This was the second game in our National Series.  At first, I was going to talk about the details behind every event; every photo.  But then I sat still…
I was going to focus on the details of these individuals.  But as I was sitting at my desk editing these images, it really hit me : there’s more to this event than these photos.  It’s the moments the public can’t see–the candid moments that weren’t recorded.  It’s the intimate conversations and heart-to-hearts around a table in the hotel lobby at 12AM, picking at calamari and Jerk chicken.  It’s the one-on-one exchanges at the shooting range about life, depth, and purpose.  It’s the culmination of these moments that make up the entire weekend.  It is so much more than a photo-op or publicity.  What this comes down to is who we are–it’s our accomplishments and what we’ve conquered.  But it is also who we are behind the titles.  Whether we’re veterans, former athletes, actors, stay-at-home moms, or entrepreneurs…we were all leveled on August 20th.  I hope you can sit in silence and feel you took something away from the weekend beyond an awesome softball game and playful rivaly.  It is my hope that you can say you made a deeper connection with at least one individual from a different walk of life…that you observed something new.  Something meaningful.
Every artist has their own perspective and a unique approach when it comes to their craft.  For me, it’s all about the bigger picture.  An aerial perspective.  As Dave Bray sang the National Anthem, I lowered my camera.  I listened to the words, and I scanned.  I observed the field and I saw each of you.  I saw your uniqueness as individuals.  I saw what you value and I saw what captures your attention.  I recognized who you looked at, and how you saw them.  I wanted to see people from your perspectives, alongside my own.  I hope that is felt as you go through these images.  A side-by-side of lives…a different way of viewing the same situation…all from various angles.  It was a genuine pleasure to get to know you, and to witness you.



“It’s all about the bigger picture.  An aerial perspective.”