Bobby Henline


Why can’t I be there?  Is the question in her mind

How to explain to a 4 year old, is the answer I cannot find

My baby feels abandoned, rightfully this makes her mad

Thoughts of this brings me to tears, today I’m feeling sad

I dream of her sitting next to me, with her tiny hand on my thigh

She looks up at me and says “it’s ok,” as she wipes a tear from my eye

Why can’t I be there, precious moments are passing by

Pale skin and jet black hair, an alligator tear falls from her eye

I nearly lost my life yesterday, tomorrow she turns five

It was either him or me, I must fight to stay alive

If I don’t make it home, how will her mother explain

If I never hold her again, how do you heal that pain?

How to explain war to a child that freedom, is not free

And a year apart from Daddy is worth the sacrifice

For you and me.

– Robert Henline Baghdad Iraq 2003

Estes Park, Colorado 2014